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Rolling Roads in the UK

Carb Settings and rolling roads, how to set your head up properly.
After having your head re-worked to high quality, close tolerances, setting up your head requires expert help re-jetting the carbs. This will add to its performance, clean running, emissions level and longevity. Injection systems also require re-calibration, but this is not quite as critical.

We recommend that you use a …

Kawasaki said it couldn’t be done – 200 MPH+

The Kawasaki ZX12R Challenge – KMUK said it could not be done! BHP from 163 BHP before work, to 196 BHP @ 10,500RPM after work. TORQUE from 99ftlb before work, to 107ftlb @ 8000RPM after work.
CYLINDER HEAD SHOP is the best equipped company in Britain to cut precision multi-angle seats on today’s modern multi-valve engines, perform specialist head tuning to …

Nucleus Street Elite Valves & Guides

Cylinder Head Shop Nucleus Street Elite Valves and Guides are design specifically for today’s high performance sport motorcycles. The Nucleus Sports Elite stainless steel valves are the best available stainless steel valves on the market, designed with the benefit of 25 years experience of working on virtually all models, of all makes of motorcycle and with all other aftermarket manufacturer’s …

Nucleus Power Guides

CHS Nucleus Power Guides to Compliment our Range of Valves Power Guides in Colsibro
For 15 years, The Cylinder head Shop has been on the leading edge of cylinder head technology – leading the field in the application of racing materials and specifications to road and classic racer cylinder heads. We have questioned many of the “pre-sets” that govern current thinking …

Nucleus Sports Elite Valves and Guides

About 75% of the power in your engine comes from the cylinder head. In money terms, you get more B.H.P. from developing your head than any other other part of your machine. In other words, if you are looking for more performance cheaply, your head is the place to spend it on. You’ll get the best return.
Astonishingly, most head parts …

Nucleus Sport Elite Valves & Guides for Harleys

The Cylinder Head Shop introduces the Most Radical Valves Ever Designed for Harley-Davidsons.
The Nucleus Sports Elite FDS valves are made to the same exacting standards as all the others in our range and of the same high quality materials.
Note the special FDS Flame Deflector Stem on the exhaust valve. Although no heavier than a standard valve, in fact it …

The ZX12R Challenge

Doing 200 MPH on a motorbike isn’t easy. Few bikes have that kind of poke and you would not even attempt such speeds on ordinary roads clogged with traffic and forested with Gatsos.
But as I sit waiting for the lights to change on this cold December morning, I’m looking forward to doing just that. Not on the public highway, of …

Twin Plug Conversions

The image to the right is an example of what can be achieved, a Triumph T120 oppositional-angle, twin-plug conversion. Such twins cylinder heads cost from £65.00. Other options offered by the Cylinder Head Shop include the use of an offset vertical relocation of the spark plugs and the use of 8mm or 10mm plugs.
Heads previously considered beyond twin-plug modification …