Sounding like a scene out of a future ‘Harry Potter goes Fast and Furious’ movie, the Cylinder Head Shop’s motor magic recently outwitted a Sorcerer … ‘The Sorcerer’, in the case, being the nickname of one of the world’s most legendary cylinder head tuners, and Knight of the Legion of Honour, Amédée Gordini of the Le Mans winning Renault Gordinis …

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Kawasaki said it couldn’t be done – 200 MPH+

The Kawasaki ZX12R Challenge – KMUK said it could not be done! BHP from 163 BHP before work, to 196 BHP @ 10,500RPM after work. TORQUE from 99ftlb before work, to 107ftlb @ 8000RPM after work.

CYLINDER HEAD SHOP is the best equipped company in Britain to cut precision multi-angle seats on today’s modern multi-valve engines, perform specialist head tuning to ports and match valves.

In June 1999, we became the first company in Britain to install the SERDI S5, making us higher equipped than even formula one race teams in the U.K.

We have already established our name as leaders in the classic motorcycle world, with a reputation for making “fast” – faster by precise head work, using highly accurate equipment. We have tuned and repaired practically all motorcycle and most kinds of classic car racing and performance heads and blocks, including a straight 8 Alfa – Romeo Monza 8C supercharged, to an Austin 7 block, supercharged Aston Martin DB4 / 5 / 6 andV8, MGB / MGC, Jaguar 6 / 12 cylinder, Lotus, Cosworths, Meadows, Mercedes world rally heads, Ferraris, Maseratis, the list goes on. The list of motorcycle heads are too inclusive to mention.

Despite having the best machines, despite having pioneering knowledge and associated experience using our Serdi machines, despite the undeniable fact that we have consistently made the “fast” – faster, still we have struggled, since June 1999, to establish our name in the world of tuning for speed, modern multi valve heads. Advertising our skills and equipment, brought only a small trickle of interest. Clearly we needed to do something radical, yet affordable. In November 1999, Kawasaki motorcycles launched their new ZX12R at the N.E.C. Motorcycle show. It gained world acclaim as the fastest 1200 c.c. production motorcycle ever built.

Here was the answer to our problem – or the problem for us to overcome! Our goal was to take the fastest and make it faster. The criteria was to achieve at least a 15% increase in torque and B.H.P. with minimum spending and predominantly from tuning the head.

In April 2000, we purchased a ZX12R, ran it in, put it on a Superflow rolling road and found 163 B.H.P. at the rear wheel in “stock” condition. The head was removed, carefully quantified, then we set about tuning the head by porting, profiling, squishing and fettling the injection / induction tracts. The head was refitted and a free flowing exhaust fitted. The engine management system had a Dynojet Power Commander fitted to enable remapping, then the ZX12R was ready for a retest on the Superflow rolling road.

Horsepower increased from 163 BHP to 196 BHP. Torque was up by 22% … with only a slight loss under 3,000 RPM. Standing quarter mile went from 141 M.P.H. @ 10.4 to 151 M.P.H. @ 9.8 … with more to come (please note, the Blue Angel was not even geared for sprinting) … and it still wore street tyres!

As a technical side note, the standard fuel management settings were weakened by a massive 40% on mid range and 30% at low cam lift due to the extremely accurate machining standards we operate to but the factories cannot match.

Top speed achieved on day of testing was 201 MPH. The best recorded speed of a standard ZX12R was in the U.S.A. @ 187 M.P.H., in Britain, 184 M.P.H. Our ZX12R ran standard tyres as our concept was not merely to make the most ” totally fastest screamer”, an utterly unmanageable racer tested under unreal perfect conditions. That is easy enough. But what we wanted to prove was that we could build a usable yet outrageous road bike that anyone could own or ride in street condition to prove that we can deliver where others say that we cannot. Kawasaki UK said that it could not be improved, the dealer we bought the bike dropped out of the development deal because he believed them – and they were both very wrong.

The entire story and independant tests can be seen in Britain’s Motorcycle News, January 10th, 2001 issue. Total cost of headwork and all parts, including £800 exhaust system, under £3,000. And remember, if you wanted more power we could have delivered that as well.

Read their story, here.

Our point is proven. We have yet to see a production head that cannot be improved. We have yet to see a race tuned head that we cannot refine further.

What gives us the leading edge is our machines, our Serdi S5 is still the only one in Britain. Do not be mislead, despite being the highest equipped, we are a small company committed to keeping pace with, and applying, today’s technology.


Other users of the Serdi System included Renault Williams F1, Ferrari F1, Mercedes, Alfa Romeo, B.M.W., Lamborghini Motorsport, Ducati, Laverda, Aprilia plus most top level tuning shops in the world. We have received and tuned heads from Japan, U.S.A., Canada, Australia, Russia, most Middle Eastern countries and most of Europe.

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