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The Cylinder Head Shop has established its reputation as a world leader in the repair, remanufacturing and improvement of motorcycle and other four stroke engine cylinder heads for vehicles built from 1900 until today.

Our boast is that there is not a cylinder head that we cannot or have not improved, including those heads which other companies claim cannot have seat inserts because of design limitations.

We have worked on some of the most exclusive, rare and expensive cylinder heads in the world, and extensively across a wide spectrum of motorsports.

Typical work for CHS customers include:

  • Serdi 3/5 angle high flow valve seat profiling from 3mm to 12mm valve stems
  • High quality/grade valve seat replacement
  • Lead free valve seats replacements for all types of modern fuels
  • Serdi valve refacing
  • Valve guide housing re-alignment and re-angling
  • Oversized guide manufacture and fitting
  • Dual spark plug conversions; 14mm, 12mm, 10mm and 8mm
  • Fin repairs and replacement
  • All cylinder head related thread repairs
  • All cylinder head related aluminium welding for cracked, erode or badly damaged heads
  • Diamond guide honing
  • K-liner guide lining service 6mm to 9mm inside diameter
  • Porting and flowing, tuning for speed or efficiency; including conventional, swirl and tumble flow
  • Exhaust stub or exhaust thread repairs; brass, aluminium or welded and re-threaded