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Motorcycle Testimonials

An example of the many motorcycle heads The Cylinder Head Shop has evolved for their clients:


  • AJS 7Rs
  • Ariel Bronze heads-ex works trials and scrambles
  • BSA, all models inc triples, twins & singles, DBDs, ex works trials, circuit racing etc, RGSs and all bronze models
  • Harley Davidson, all models inc racing side valves up to 2 litre dragsters
  • Honda, e.g. CR77, CB350/450, CB750/CBX 1000, CRF singles + all other models
  • Indians all models, inc 4 cylinder
  • MV Agusta, inc bronze ex Mike Hailwood works triple
  • Matchless, e.g. G50 & G45s
  • Nortons, all models singles & twins, e.g. Manx/Inter Nortons 350 & 500, all models of singles inc bronze
  • Royal Enfield, inc ex work racers, 4 valve bronze head, all model twins and singles
  • Rudge, all models inc bronze, alloy & Cast iron
  • ABSAF Gold Star heads design valves
  • Sunbeam, all models inc ex works race singles
  • Triumph, all models inc ex works race twins/triples
  • Vellocette, all models inc OHC, bronze twins etc 
  • Ducati, inc ex-Carl Fogerty works 
  • Red Bull  Crescent Suzuki racing team
  • Honda UK works CBR600 
  • Kawasaki ZX12R 201mph
  • Weslake singles/twins
  • Race tuned heads for drag/sprint, road and circuit, hill climb, scramblers and trials, Street use inc turbo and supercharged specials

Custom development

  • Designed own range of Nucleus Sports Elite valves
  • Created own theory of ‘Swirlflow’ porting technology and implemented it into all forms of road/race use both motorcar/cycle with great success


A selection from our many experienced and proud motorcycle customers


I just want to tell you how pleased I am with the work you did on a pair of heads for my Moto Guzzi LM 3 – after so many bad experiences I finally found the right man!

I also want to congratulate on your starting up on the new premises in Hastings. I would be happy to pack a pair of Guzzi heads and visit you in Hastings and stay a couple of days to explore the town and check out the music scene and see what draft beers are available.”

 Regards Bendik (The Netherlands).


Since, I had my cylinder head refined by “The Cylinder Head Shop” I gained an immediate 10-12 “horsepower” increase alone with an increase of torque as well.

The cylinder head which I am referring to is a 2000 Yamaha R1 cylinder head which now produces 152 horsepower at the rear wheel on pump gas and 78 foot pounds of “torque” just from the cylinder head being reworked and refined by the Cylinder Head Shop……

****** I tell [you] what, these folks know exactly what it takes to refine and rework a cylinder head so that there is an increase in flow, horsepower, and torque … believe me I’m living proof.

sincerely, Marcus Thomas 


Royal EnfieldHello Len,

Very, very rare 4 valved bronze RE head

I recommend you to people who have trouble with the head or heads of their bikes. You did an excellent job on the four-valve head of my Enfield. It has done very well for almost a decade and still does well, the valve stems stay well, no wear apparent, before I take for a ride I oil them, it’s all in the open air. It was my plan to cast new heads using an original head as a pattern./strong>

All the best, Ronald Ruepert


Hello Len, just a line to let you know that the T100T head that you did for me is nothing short of perfection. The bike runs superb in every way in fact it is like owning a new machine. The confidence in its reliability and the fact of not having to search for LRP or other additives is a joy.

I wish you many years of successful business and good health to you and your family as you are in my increasingly short list of people with skill and pride in their work in this 21st century. Cheers! Len many,many thanks for the pleasure you have given me Fred (from Hull).


Len,  My apologies for the late acknowledgement of receiving Triumph head. Your usual faultless work. You guys are the BEST and you can quote me.

 Regards Malcolm


Subject: Re: Thank you

Dear Len,

I completed the assembling of the head which you repaired. Please look at my Triumph! Your head repair was perfect! I show respect for your machine engineering. Thank you very much for your kindness.

Regards, Shoichi Machida from Japan

Subject: Re: Thank you too

 Thank you Shoichi


Hi Len, I have now put the head back on the Triton and had it tested. I have some troubles with the magneto, not giving sufficient sparks, but we had a reading of 44 hp on the wheel and pulling almost 40 hp from 3000 rpm and I think there is more to come with a good magneto. I am very happy with the result! I’m racing saturday and very exited.

Kind regards, Jens D. Andersen DENMARK


Dear Len, re my Leverda.

The bike is now running very well in the power department. I had it dynod to sort out the carburation which was all wrong. The bike produces 86bhp at 8000rpm and 62ftlbs of torque between 5000rpm and 8000rpm which is acceptable using Jota cams and standard 9 to 1 compression. The carbs have now been set up which has sorted out the top end (much too rich) The atomisers and needles need changing because they may be worn and are too rich. All in all the fuel consumption is 34 mpg which is for all round fast riding. I believe this will increase when I have sorted the rest of the fuelling. The bike does seem more powerful.

Regards, Rob Lumley


Dear Len, re the Triumph Delta head;

I just took reception of the Triumph Delta Head this morning. I see that no effort was spared for turning it back to original specs, the milling job after material build up on the mating face looks like original, and the extensive repairs are hardly visible. Beautiful job! thank you.
As for the cleaning what process is involved? Is that Vapour/Shot peening or aluminum based bid blasting ? In any case It looks better than new.

Thanks again, Philippe.


Len, re: Z650 cylinder head thanks. Just a quick note to say I got the heads back yesterday, very pleased with the work done.

Regards, Julian Hennessey


350 bullet head

Sorry for taking so long for feedback, I’ve been too busy clocking up the miles in the past few weeks now the bike has been transformed. Whilst it doesn’t quite fly past a standard 500, it does actually manage to get past the odd one now and again and also manages to upset a few people in the process. The engine has been run flat-out at 5,700 revs on numerous occasions and everything is still where it should be – not something I’d ever contemplate doing if I was still running standard Enfield seats. The additional torque the motor puts out proved a bit too much for the original 4 plate clutch, this has now been replaced with a modern 5 plate unit and the occasional bouts of clutch slip have disappeared. When funds permit I may drop a spare head in for something similar but next time get a pair of your special valves made up as well  :0) 



Hello Len….. Yes I surely get my CBX finish. I have been driving 1100 km and still with a bit of care. The summer is over here, so there will be no more driving this year.  But is has been a pleasure to ride my “new” machine. 

The gas response is VERY fast and the engine sounds very healty. This winter I will control the valve clearance once again and about 3000 km I would like to have made a Dyno test to see the results of your work. I will send you the results

Regards, John Nielson (Denmark)




Hello Len, You made quality visible. My good friend Jan said, (but he is always understating) that is a nice piece of work. I drove 600 miles with her, not more than 4000revs. I can feel the power, and she is very very quiet.

Quoting Jan “she is like a turbine, never heard a Trident more quiet then this one”. I am very pleased with your work and I am glad driving the Trident with your “piece of art”. (And talking about it with friends of course)

Cheers Steven. EU



Gilera Saturno

Dear Len, you may remember a couple of years ago you did the cylinder head for my Gilera Saturno, well the bike is finally finished and I ran it in a parade at Snetterton a couple of weeks ago and it went very well so I thought you mite like to see the finished machine.

Many thanks for all your good work.




Re: Manx Norton Magnesium 

Good evening Len, yes, of course, I’ll do so. We might need to wait until the next racing season though. A beautiful job indeed!

Many thanks and best Regards Jérôme Chevalley


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