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Porting & Flowing

The Cylinder Head Shop carries out porting and gas flowing for all 4 stroke, motorcycles, automobiles and others.

On the basis of observing 1,000s of different heads from all ages of vehicles, and the work of many other tuners on race engines, we have had considerable successes in gas flowing for race engines which also translates to more efficiency and better running for road going machines.

The Black Art

Gas flowing is a bit of a black art and the hardest ways to make more power. Not everything we know, or have learned, can be found in a book or studied at an engineering college. If it could, they would be beating us instead of us beating them.

It is easy to over port an engine. Different applications require different theories. What works may seem counter intuitive at times. In many case, we actually have to put back in materials where poor castings or poor workmanship have reduced an engine’s efficiency. A ‘one size fits all’ service does not work.

We have learned a lot in 40 years of working on motorcycle engines that we are now applying it to all engines we work on. The best teacher of engine tuning is experience and we have that. We have taken series winning engines and improved them significantly. We are also used by other engine builders under confidential agreements.

We have been told by the development teams of multi-million pound funded manufacturers, that their head could not be improved only to witness we actually did. We have even had one of our engines stolen by one such ‘triumphant’ motorcycle company in order for them to attempt to reverse engineer it, but their engineers were ignorant of why it worked so efficiently. The irony being, we knew they were looking in the wrong place for the ‘magical’ improvements.

What we claim is that we can improve any head. Specialist development projects undertaken. How far do you want to go?

How far do you want to go?

Our gas flowing working can go from simple cleaning up, removal of casting marks and port matching, which we often do as a courtesy when fitting new seats and guides, up to Stage 3 race tunes or complete port and chamber re-profiling right and beyond if you want custom work done.

Porting and gas flowing are only one part of many different ways to increase the power and torque of a vehicle; specialist valves and guides, bolt on kits, re-programmed chips, re-profiled cams, air filtration changes and exhaust system modifications are others.

Although the biggest gains come from a good combination of all of these, the cylinder head will always be the key component of a performance enhancement on any normally aspirated engine. Throwing money at an engine does not always work, the important thing is to make them work together. To read more about our theories, click here.

We are happy to discuss your requirements and do the best work within your budget. An onsite service is available.

Contact Len Paterson via the details published to your right.