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Worldwide Distributor for the G&S ‘V’ Range of Motorcycle Valves, now known as ‘Nucleus Sport’

The Cylinder Head Shop has been appointed the worldwide distributor for G&S ‘V’ range of motorcycle valves.
These are being marketed as ‘Nucleus Sport’ valves to compliment our range of hi-flow, hi-performance ‘Nucleus Sports Elite’ products.
A British product made from the highest quality British forged materials, in Britain
History in the Making
The production of Nucleus Sport motorcycle valves benefits from a combined …

Triumph Twin Head Repair

A recent article about the repair of a classic Triumph Twin cylinder head, here.
Triumph 8 stud heads have always had a reputation for cracking due to their method of production. The heads had cone shaped cast in seats which meant they did not fall out but that they caused this cracking.
The Cylinder Head Shop has worked to develop a fix …

Kawasaki said it couldn’t be done – 200 MPH+

The Kawasaki ZX12R Challenge – KMUK said it could not be done! BHP from 163 BHP before work, to 196 BHP @ 10,500RPM after work. TORQUE from 99ftlb before work, to 107ftlb @ 8000RPM after work.
CYLINDER HEAD SHOP is the best equipped company in Britain to cut precision multi-angle seats on today’s modern multi-valve engines, perform specialist head tuning to …

Valves: Made in the UK

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How our valves are made in the leading UK based factory.

The ZX12R Challenge

Doing 200 MPH on a motorbike isn’t easy. Few bikes have that kind of poke and you would not even attempt such speeds on ordinary roads clogged with traffic and forested with Gatsos.
But as I sit waiting for the lights to change on this cold December morning, I’m looking forward to doing just that. Not on the public highway, of …

The Cylinder Head Shop Services

Your existing seats cut using our Serdi 100 and Serdi 5 to 3 or 5 angles for proven performance, longevity and efficiency.

Your head machined and fitted with silicon steel hardened inserts. These inserts will not rust if left standing like other seats. Experienced in all types of difficult engines. The Cylinder Head Shop offers …