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Len Paterson on 60s Heritage

Cylinder Head Shop supremo Len Paterson, founder of the Rocker Reunion movement in the UK which has since spread worldwide, was recently featured on BBC TV discussing the 60s, with world famous singer Lulu and designer Zandra Rhodes.

The Cylinder Head Shop

Since 1993, The Cylinder Head Shop (previously of Wimbledon), has established its name as a leading specialist in cylinder head tuning and repairs for motorcycle road and racing engines, and other vintage and high performance motorsport vehicles.
The Cylinder Head Shop first pioneered the market leading Serdi valve and valve seat equipment for demanding air-cooled, high-performance engines, and especially vintage …

K-line Interrupted Spiral Guide-Liners

A Useful Solution to Reconditioning Valve Guides and Race Preparation
K-Line introduced Bronze Guide-Liners to the market over 20 years ago and is the leader in bringing thin wall bronze liner technology to today’s ever changing market. Focusing on quality, efficiency of installation and most of all durability, they have been working for over 25 years to bring the most advanced …

Nucleus Power Guides

CHS Nucleus Power Guides to Compliment our Range of Valves Power Guides in Colsibro
For 15 years, The Cylinder head Shop has been on the leading edge of cylinder head technology – leading the field in the application of racing materials and specifications to road and classic racer cylinder heads. We have questioned many of the “pre-sets” that govern current thinking …

Nucleus Sports Elite Valves and Guides

About 75% of the power in your engine comes from the cylinder head. In money terms, you get more B.H.P. from developing your head than any other other part of your machine. In other words, if you are looking for more performance cheaply, your head is the place to spend it on. You’ll get the best return.
Astonishingly, most head parts …

Harley-Davidson Dual 10mm Spark Plug Head

The right way to convert a cylinder heads to twin plug!
The jig that is generally available to Harley-Davidson workshops and tuners, used to convert Harley-Davidson heads to a twin spark plug set up does not provide the best solution. Whilst this promises a performance increase, the end result is not the best regarding plug position in relation to the flame …

CHS Lead-Free Conversions

CHS Lead-Free Conversions for Classic Motorcycles and Automobiles
The Cylinder Head Shop helped pioneer the high quality Serdi equipment for use on demanding air cooled classic motorcycles before expanding on to remanufacture vintage automobiles.
With the legislation banning leaded petrol, it is necessary for the cylinder heads of most motorcycles pre-1984 and most automobiles pre-1988, to be converted to accept the …

The ZX12R Challenge

Doing 200 MPH on a motorbike isn’t easy. Few bikes have that kind of poke and you would not even attempt such speeds on ordinary roads clogged with traffic and forested with Gatsos.
But as I sit waiting for the lights to change on this cold December morning, I’m looking forward to doing just that. Not on the public highway, of …