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Initially Wimbledon based The Cylinder Head Shop was established in 1993 by Len Paterson and has grown to become the leading name for specialist cylinder head tuning and repairs. Concentrating on motorcycle road and racing engines plus classic high performance automobiles.

The Cylinder Head Shop first pioneered the market leading Serdi valve and valve seat equipment for demanding air-cooled, high-performance engines, and especially vintage motorcycles.

We have developed a design philosophy of high-quality precision engineering rarely found outside of Formula One, MotoGP or the aircraft industry. We have worked on everything from vintage aircraft to £million+ Ferraris and a 200 MPH+ street legal Kawasaki. What we have discovered is that all modern multi-valve heads can still be noticeably improved; Nissan Skylines, 20 valved Yamaha R1’s, Honda Civic Type R’s, Audi’s and many more.

Historic Motorsport Heads

The Cylinder Head Shop is the only outside organisation to have worked on the acclaimed tuning guru Amédée Gordini’s personal racing head, improving both Torque and BHP over the masters own work. A snapshot of other CHS developed vehicles include; Alfa Romeo 8C, Bristol, Blackburn, Connought, Daimler, ERM, Jaguar, Meadows, Porsche, Aston Martin and some of the rarest car and motorcycle heads (including bronze ones) in the world.

People come to The Cylinder Head Shop when no one else can do it …

And more often than not, when some less experienced or dedicated machine shop has messed up an otherwise workable head. Few people can claim to have operated on, resolved and learned from such a wide variety of engines and parts as Len Paterson. Have your head re-machined today on tomorrow’s technology on the same equipment used by the top Motorsports teams.

The care and attention you place upon your classic engine, is emulated by us.

Len Paterson has worked in the car and bike engineering industry since 1976 building engines for many acclaimed manufacturers. Re-engineered head work was part of his engine building remit because he could not quality-rely on the market-place ‘experts’. With mounting customer numbers seeking his particular cylinder head skills he launched The Cylinder Head Shop in 1993. The sign above the workshop door said it all!
Please do NOT read something on this website & presume the information herein is the only option available, Presumption is the creator of misunderstandings, Do Not Presume !
My Terms & Conditions are very simple, I will supply a quote & if agreed a Priced work schedule & ‘Expected’ time frame will follow, Once work is completed you pay the agreed cost, by Cheque, Bank Transfer or good old fashioned cash. I will not do a ‘Make Do Job’, so please don’t ask. I pride myself in what I do & quite often do extra work without charge, There are only a few of us left who are working the Old School way & we are all as old as the parts we are working on, trying to keep them on the road & in 90% of the case, improving them beyond their new status.

Contact CHS on tel: 0044(0)1269 613100… M: 07810 273600 today for help with your project!